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International Link of Orthodox Christian Scouts – DESMOS

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  • Le Lien International des Scouts Chrétiens Orthodoxes - DESMOS

    • 16 Panepistimiou Street GR-106 72, Athens, Greece
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Strongly encourage inter-religious dialogue and contact, 'Tolerance, understanding and cooperation' is our vision for today's world and the message we seek to convey to believers of all religions; develop and promote the spirit of brotherhood and understanding among Scouts of the Orthodox Christian Faith; promote warm relations and co-operation between Scouting and the official local Orthodox Churches; develop an educational curriculum that should enhance the spiritual dimension in the personalities of young Orthodox in accordance with the purpose, principles, and method of the Scout Movement; introduce Scouting in such states or areas where Orthodox Church is established; co-ordinate the activities of DESMOS with non-Scout Organisations having the same objectives; motivate co-operation among DESMOS members; motivate and promote Scouting to Orthodox boys and girls on global basis.


The International Link of Orthodox Christian Scouts 'DESMOS' was 'born' in June 1997, at the holy site of the Penteli Monastery in Athens, Greece. Its founding expressed our sincere desire to contribute to the spiritual development of Orthodox Christian scouts, by helping them to sense the importance of the Duty to God and to understand the essentials of B-P's original spiritual vision.

IRD Activities

  • Ecumenical Encounters

    In accordance with the commitment accepted at the 1st Ecumenical Encounter held in 2008, in Canterbury, England, and considering the real need to further improve the Spiritual Dimension and cooperation between Christian faith organisations in Scouting, DEMOS organised the 2nd Ecumenical Encounter. The objectives of the Encounter were to encourage the continuous dialogue on religiosity and spirituality in Scouting, to discuss the tools and clarify what is to be taken into account when presenting the Spiritual Dimension in Scouting to the Scouts, to assist Scout Associations members of Christian faith Scout Organizations in launching the process of improving Spiritual Dimension in their programmes, to collect the examples of good practice in different countries and associations, and to recognise what support Christian faith scout associations need in order to successfully implement Spiritual Dimension in Scouting

  • World Scout Inter-religious Symposium

    The 1st WSIS took part in 2003, in Valencia, Spain. Since then, this event is organised every three years, as a regular inter-religious event of faith organisations in Scouting. Bringing together representatives of National Scout Organizations and the Scout Religious Organizations, the Symposium reinforces the value of Scouting as an institution promoting intereligious dialogue. The event is providing an opportunity to reflect and explore the significance of interreligious dialogue in growing Scouting and enhancing Youth Programme. Furthermore, the recognition of the diversity of religious beliefs as a strength to Scouting, the Symposium also provides opportunity for NSOs and religious groups present within Scouting to share expertise, experiences, and practices with each other. This also further strengthens the spiritual development component of the Youth Programmes in order to enhance better Scouting for more young people thus building stronger families and communities in turn. The event includes presentations, workshops, and discussions on how Scouting can grow in the context of families and religious communities.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Athens, Greece - Valencia, Spain - Kaoshiung, China - Kampala, Uganda - Iksan, South Korea - Canterbury, UK - Assisi, Italy - Paris, France