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International Multi-religious Intercultural Center

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  • Internacionalnog Multireligijskog Interkulturnog Centra

    • Obala Kulina Bana 39, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Promote inter-religious dialogue, human rights, reconciliation, peace and justice; organise and participation in manifestations related to promotion of inter-religious dialogue; organise and support activities related to inter-religious dialogue, human rights, peace and reconciliation; support developing reform of education in cooperation with state institutions, local and international institutions and organisations; establish educational centres, in cooperation with educational and cultural institutions, that will offer programmes for intercultural, multireligious and civic education, primarily of the youth; support processes of democratisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina: improve and respect human rights, cultural, ethnical, religious and other specificities and differences; promote and support scientific and research works; publish scientific and research materials for educative and non-commercial goals; promote and encourage research and scientific activities of both individuals and scientific-research teams, and cooperate with institutes, libraries, universities and similar institutions.


IMIC was founded on 10th of December, 1991, for the Anniversary of UN Declaration of Human Rights, as non-governmental organisation under civil law, in premises of Jewish community in Sarajevo.

IRD Activities

  • Interreligious/Intercultural Courses

    IMIC organised brief courses with inter-cultural dimension about everyday life, joint prayer and meditation, with participation of Muslim, Jewish, Orthodox and Catholic congregations in Sarajevo

  • Sarajevo Week

    The Sarajevo Week of multi-religious dialogue, for instance, analysed the role of religion in the peace process

  • Multiethnic and Multi-Religious Projects

    IMIC organised different community projects related to multiethnic and multi-religious reconciliation, state and religious affairs, religion and social life, reconciliation ('A way to freedom'), religion and human rights, as well as religion and public life

  • Symposium

    IMIC organised a symposium about dialogue of civilisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Bulgaria

  • Multi-Religious, Intercultural Meeting Center

    Since 1994, IMIC is running a multi-religious, intercultural meeting centre, providing advisory services and spiritual assistance to refugees in Germany (pre-dominantly in Bayern), in cooperation with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Christlichen Kirchen Bayern, Jewish and Islamic communities from Zagreb, Croatia

  • Spiritual Call

    Since 2000, IMIC is organising a spiritual call of monotheistic religions, frequently on the occasion of the Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina Statehood

  • Multi-Religiosity and Reintegration

    In 2004, IMIC began a pilot project to work on multi-religiosity and reintegration of Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Faith and Community

    The exchange program 'Faith and Community - A Dialogue' provided opportunities for youth leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia, and the United States to better understand each other. The exchange strengthened the role that clerics, educators, and community leaders - heavily influential forces among youth groups - play in creating religious tolerance and understanding

  • Inter-religious Dialogue trough Education and Communication of the Youth in Multi-Cultural Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Research investigated attitudes towards religiosity, ethnicity and religion in 8 municipalities and more than 50 schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

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