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International Union for Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue and Peace Education

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  • International Union for Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue and Peace Education

    • ADIC Egypt 132 Nile Street Agouza, Cairo- Egypt

    • ADIC France 21, Rue Valette 75005 Paris- France
  • www.adicinterfaith.org

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ADIC aims to build relationships among the three monotheistic religions through colloquia, public statements, and educational programs. ADIC puts a premium on the values that all religions, spiritual groups and cultures share, such as compassion, forgiveness, justice, charity and peace. Also aims to create mutual knowledge among believers in order to clear away preconceptions and to establish respect, to develop common actions that will create social and international solidarity, to awaken consciences and mobilize forces so that humanity may take its destiny in hand. Primary Objectives of ADIC: 1- To provide frameworks for reflection, study and research on any questions related to the dialogue among different cultures and spiritualties; 2- To lead activities promoting education and peace, especially regarding exchanges between Muslim, Christians, Jews, and other spiritual families; 3- To provide a forum for spiritual leaders and media experts to realize similar goals.


The International Union Intercultural and Interfaith Dialogue and Peace Education started out in Paris in 1989. Its name was l'Association du Dialogue Islamo- Chretien. In 2010, the Cairo office was opened by Dr. Aly El- Samman. ADIC became a catalyst for intercultural and interfaith dialogue, spanned more than 20 years and three continents. N.B: Dr. El- Samman died in 2017 and no activities have been reported after that date.

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  • . Creation of a joint Committee dialogue between Church of England and El Azhar

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