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Interreligious Committee for Peace

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COMIPAZ aims to promote a culture of peace and team-work from an interreligious sphere to the world, and to help build a more plural, mature, and respectful society.


COMIPAZ was created as a result of constant conflicts in the Middle East by Imam and Sheikh Mounif El Sukaria and Rabbi Gabriel Frydman as an interreligious organization which fights for achieving peace in Cordoba and around the world. El Sukaria and Frydman also summoned Rev. Fermin Salcedo and the Catholic Archdiocese appointed Bishop Roberto Rodriguez to be part of this project. Since its beginning, COMIPAZ has been generating action in Cordoba and throughout Argentina by spreading awareness on the importance of developing peaceful relations and on the value of respecting differences.

IRD Activities

  • . Provincial Project of Education in Values. Thousands of young people in the province of C�rdoba study various religions, make guided tours to temples and work in groups on the subject. A Festival for Peace is held with all the participants, Cordoba, Argentina

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