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Interreligious Dialogue Institute

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  • Instituto de Di�logo Interreligioso.

    • Riobamba 1227 (C1116ABI), Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), Argentina.
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To promote the mutual understanding between people of different faiths, fostering dialogue and peaceful coexistence everywhere.


IDI was created in 2002 by then Cardinal Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, as a result of his interreligious experience when he visited the Islamic Center of the Republic of Argentina. He was the first ever Catholic Archbishop to make this visit. The visit was co-organized by CIRA's Culture Secretary, Mr. Omar Abboud. A similar experience took place when a visit was also organized to the Bet-El Community which is led by Rabbi Daniel Goldman. Along the years, IDI has developed a wide range of activities which have received awards such as the Juntos Educar award in 2006, the Premio DAIA in 2007, Premio Konex in 2008, the 30 a�os de Democracia in 2013, and the Premio Joshua Heschel. One of the most important events the IDI organized was the interreligious trip to the Holy Land and to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis. From then on, the IDI has been dedicated to coordinating interreligious dialogue activities as an example of the real social friendships which should co-exist between all different people (Pueblos).

IRD Activities

  • Interreligious meetings to pray, share testimonies and reflections. For instance

    the meeting called "Por el bienestar en Beirut. Por el bienestar en el mundo". The event counted with a moment of meditation and some statements on Beirut's explosion and its devastating consequences. It was carried out in August 2020

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