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Interreligious Dialogue Table of R�o Cuarto

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  • Mesa de Di�logo Interreligioso de R�o Cuarto

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The Table's goals are to promote peace, love, respect and tolerance through mutual understanding.


The establishment of the Interreligious Dialogue Table of Rio Cuarto began in 1998-1999 when Ra�l Feler, a layman belonging to the Orthodox Church decided to host informal interreligious meetings at his home. This lasted until 2013 when it became necessary to carry out the meetings in a different location. The group then moved to the Episcopal Pastoral House and in 2013, drafted the "Objetivos de la Mesa de Di�logo Interreligioso de Tucum�n" (Interreligious Dialogue Table of Tucum�n's Goals). Once the document was published, the Interreligious Table was formalized and many different religious communities began to join. In 2018, it created a Coordination Board and was finally integrated by members of different faith-based communities