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Interreligious Table for the Common Good.

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  • Mesa interreligiosa por el Bien Com�n.

    • Maip� 1065, 1st Floor, Office 104, Rosario, Santa Fe (Province), Argentina.
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The values that the Table promotes are: solidarity, mutual respect, education, human dignity, and wisdom. The Table aims to be facilitators of meetings between different faith-based communities in Argentina, and to foster education on values, fairness, and good deeds.


n.iThe Interreligious Dialogue Table for the Common Good was created by Ms. Adriana Di Camillo, who was initially the first Office Director of the Directorate for Worship and NGOs. During her years at the Directorate, she managed to build relationships and a common agenda with different religious leaders and faith-based organizations. In 2017, Ms. Camillo was invited to participate in the Second National Congress of Interreligious Dialogue organized in San Juan, Argentina. Ms. Di Camillo left the Directorate of Worship at the end of 2017 and built the Interreligious Dialogue Table La Plata & the Bonaerense Capital Region based on her previous experience. At the same time, Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez arrived to the current Archbishopric. After some initial meetings, the Interreligious Group was finally established in November 2018. In 2019, it managed to share deep experiences with various Interreligious Tables and Organizations throughout Argentina, and in 2020 the Table organized and led the Third National Congress on Interreligious Dialogue which aimed to strengthen relations between citizens and focus on the maximizing moral and spiritual values that lead societies into peaceful co-existence as a people.