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Islamic-Christian Study Centre

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  • Islamisk-Kristent Studiecenter

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Build positive relations between citizens with Christian and Muslim background; Work for equal citizenship nationally and internationally.


Islamic-Christian Study Centre (IKS) – Centre for Co-existence was established in May 1996 by a group of Christians and Muslims togther, has an equal number of Christian and Muslim board-members and is currently supported by a number of Christian and Muslim organisations and societies.

IRD Activities

  • Friendships and Communities across Religious and Cultural Differences

    Friendships and communities have developed across religious and cultural differences. Through face-to-face encounters in IKS, common studies and increased knowledge of each other many people have revised their prejudiced perceptions of the other and based them more on real knowledge

  • Building Relationships

    One of IKS' challenges is to build mutual relationships on equal terms (both parts organise the dialogue, i.e. set the agenda and decide the premises). They created a common space, where both parts can feel secure enough to be open and be one self

  • Inter-ethnic and Inter-religious Counselling and Mediation

    IKS provides Inter-ethnic and inter-religious counselling and mediation in regard to family problems and information activities of religion and cultural, Islam and ethnic minorities, including in health care and in the workplace

  • Publications

    Publication of books and teaching materials with a dialogic base, building of library and archive collection on Islam and Christianity

  • International Dialogue Work

    Involvement in international dialogue work, especially the cooperation with Norwegian Christian and Muslim organisations has brought the centre of inspiration and strength to the work here in Denmark. As IKS has been the only centre of its kind in Europe, it has been of great importance to contribute to the dialogue work at an international level

  • Cooperation with Egyptian Organisation

    IKS has been contacted by an Egyptian NGO, International Development Support & Consulting (iDSC), who wants to collaborate on a new interfaith project entitled, "United we Stand, Divided we fall", which is primarily aimed at young people. The project is based on the current situation in Egypt after the revolution of 2011-12, and has focused on civil responsibility and obligation that must be reflected in concrete cooperative relations between Christians and the Muslims

  • Study Tours

    IKS organises study tours for its staff to different countries, England, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia and Morocco. The aim is to promote mutual respect between Christians and Muslims by visiting different universities, study centres and religious institutions, organising seminars on Christian-Muslim dialogue and cooperation and exchange experiences and views with Christian and Muslim leaders, intellectuals, politicians and grassroots workers. Subsequently, the participants have written articles in IKS 'magazine on relevant themes in different countries.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Denmark - World - Denmark - World - Denmark - Denmark - Denmark - Norway - Egypt - Denmark - UK - Russian Federation - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Syria - Lebanon - Egypt - Pakistan - Morocco