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Islamic Society of North America

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Be an exemplary and unifying Islamic organisation in North America that contributes to the betterment of the Muslim community and society at large; foster the development of the Muslim community, interfaith relations, civic engagement, and better understanding of Islam; achieve organisational excellence (operational efficacy, transparency, accountability, high-performance, effective communication, short-term and long-term financial stability); strengthen and develop American Muslim communities, enhance interfaith collaboration and civic engagement, share the contributions of the American Muslim community.


Present-day ISNA was founded in 1982 through a joint effort of four organisations: The Muslim Students Association of the US and Canada, Islamic Medical Association, the Association of Muslim Social Scientists, and the Association of Muslim Scientists and Engineers - to create a community-oriented organisation due to the changing nature of the growing Muslim community.

IRD Activities

  • National Baptist-Muslim Dialogue

    Each dialogue gathered together Baptist and Muslim clergy and lay leaders from across the country for presentations on one another's beliefs and traditions, observations of worship services, and small-group discussions to share experiences

  • Midwest Muslim-Catholic Dialogue

    The dialogue is an annual joint initiative of ISNA and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Its mission is to engage Catholic and Muslim scholars and leaders in interreligious dialogue. The dialogue provides a forum for Muslim-Catholic discussion, critique, and exchange of information on theological concepts and their relation to US American society

  • National Muslim-Christian Initiative

    The Initiative is to enhance mutual understanding, respect, appreciation and support for what is sacred for each other

  • Children of Abraham - Jews and Muslims in Conversation

    It is an interfaith dialogue programme jointly organised and facilitated by ISNA and the Union for Reform Judaism

  • Judaism and Islam in America

    ISNA joined with the Jewish Theological Seminary and Hartford Seminary for a three-part series of workshops and public forums for religious scholars and high-level practitioners. The series provided an opportunity for a unique interreligious exchange about Jewish and Muslim experiences as members of minority religions in the US

  • Weekend of Twinning

    The annual event is an initiative led by The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding in partnership with ISNA to strengthen Muslim-Jewish relations worldwide. The Weekend of Twinning provides an opportunity for synagogues, mosques and other Muslim and Jewish groups worldwide to hold joint programmes together to build ties of communication, reconciliation and cooperation

  • International Interfaith Dialogue

    ISNA helps facilitate interfaith dialogue at an international level, representing the voices of American Muslims. Much of this work takes place through the annual Doha International Conference for Interfaith Dialogue in Doha, Qatar and through ISNA's membership in Religions for Peace, the largest international coalition of representatives from the world's great religions working together to promote peace.

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