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Israel-Palestine: Creative Regional Initiatives

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  • ישראל פלסטין יוזמות אזוריות ; مبادرات إقليمية مبد عة في إسرائيل فلسطين

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Devoted to developing practical solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


IPCRI, founded in Jerusalem in 1988, is the only joint Israeli-Palestinian public policy think-tank in the world.

IRD Activities

  • Breaking Down Walls Tours

    A few years ago, a couple of Palestinians and Israelis met during a seminar organized by IPCRI. They decided that they wanted to go see each other and give other Palestinians and Israelis the chance to meet each other. Restrictions of movement, aggravated since the building of the separation barrier, and an increasingly more hostile climate towards cooperation render it extremely difficult for Palestinians and Israelis to come together and get to know each other. This disconnect promotes continued misunderstanding and vilification of "the other". The tours aim to challenge this reality by taking groups from both sides for guided day tours into the opposite territory, led by a professional interfaith and peace-building tour guide. These tours offer opportunities for participants to meet with local people, be exposed to their daily routines and learn about their culture, religion, cities and sites of interest.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Ramallah, State of Palestine - Jericho, State of Palestine - Bethlehem, State of Palestine - Taybeh, State of Palestine