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Jesuit Volunteer Corps

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Create a more just and hopeful world; engage passionate young people in vital service within poor communities; foster the growth of leaders committed to faith in action.


JVC has its roots in 1950’s Alaska, where a small group of college students began serving the native people of Alaska’s Copper Valley. This group formed the basis for six regional organizations (JVC Northwest, East, Midwest, Southwest, South, and International) that provided vital service to hundreds of thousands of individuals and families across the world. In 2009, five of these regional organizations merged to become the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, a global institution that currently operates in 46 communities across 6 countries. Today’s JVC brings a deep history and a timeless mission into an innovative and growing institution that has become the premier option for young leaders considering faith-based service.

IRD Activities

  • Jesuit Volunteer Corps' Formation Program

    JVC's Formation Program provides young volunteers with the tools to process and learn from their service experiences, think critically about the root causes of injustice, and analyze the ways in which the identities they carry impact the lives of those they serve. For inspiration, Program looks to the Jesuits, who have centuries of experience in solidarity, accompaniment, and reconciliation with poor and marginalized communities. The Jesuit Volunteer Corps welcomes all passionate, young leaders, regardless of their familiarity with, or prior interest in, faith, religion,Catholicism, or Ignatian spirituality. All volunteers start their year of service attending a four-day orientation workshop. During this time, volunteers will learn about the Ignatian foundations of the program. As a Jesuit Volunteer, a young person becomes a part of an international network of young leaders fighting for a more just and hopeful world together.Jesuit Volunteers also participate in Organisation's Ignatian formation program throughout their term of service. They attend five retreats each year, alongside weekly discussions and reflections, to deepen their understanding of JVC’s values, facilitate the cross-cultural adjustment process, and examine challenges of privilege and solidarity.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Belize - Nicaragua - Peru - Chile - Tanzania - Micronesia