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Jesus Youth

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    • Navodaya Studio Complex,Thengod P.O, Kakkanad,Cochin - 682030, Kerala, India
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Carry out the work of evangelization by fostering individual apostolate; facilitate group apostolate and engaging in formal missions and projects in various parts of the world; evangelize today’s youth; promote an active Christian way of life, and commitment to mission.


Jesus Youth is an International Association within the Catholic Church with a focus on evangelising young people and nurturing their missionary initiatives. It had its beginnings in Kerala, India, and evolved as an active part of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of the state in the late 1970s. In 1985, the International Year of Youth, a number of youth groups came together under a single name, Jesus Youth. Gradually, it spread to different parts of India and to a number of other countries.

IRD Activities

  • International activities

    Jesus Youth Fulltimership is a year-long formation program for graduates with 40 days training and one year full-time missionary commitment to work in different parts of the world. After 40 days of intensive training they are commissioned for a one-year formation through a missionary placement and thus prepared for a lifelong Christian commitment, to be the living witnesses of Jesus in a radical way

  • Formation activities

    Formation through reach out programmes includes Outreach Ministry, Prolife Ministry, Cultural Exchange Programme (CEP), and Exposure programmes. Jesus Youth also organises numerous mission experience trips by parish youth, professionals and others. Regional, national and inter- continental conferences, Campus Meet, Nurses’ Meet, Teens’ Meet, etc. play vital role in training youth to be active in their Christian life and witness

  • National activities

    Organisation organises Cell groups, Small groups and Prayer encourage young people and families to come together regularly for prayer and fellowship. Service teams co-ordinates teams at different levels consist of a Co-ordinator, a Pastor, one or more Animator/s and members. Faith formation is for the personal growth of members, in addition to the regular fellowship groups, there is a wide range of formation programmes in the Jesus Youth Movement - Jesus Youth Fulltime Volunteers, History Makers, Discipleship Training Programmes, Master Builders, Junior Evangelisers Training. Formation for leaders and animators are offered at National and International Leaders’ Training and National and International Animators’ Training. Jesus Youth ministries include Parish Ministry, Teens Ministry, Professionals Ministry, Nurses Ministry, Campus Ministry. Talent oriented formation include The Rex Band, Music Ministry, Audio visual Ministry, Media Ministry and Exhibition Ministry.

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