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  • Red Uniendo Manos contra la Pobreza

    • Lima, Peru
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The organization aims to be an ecumenical entity open to other confessions of faith and spiritualities. It to accompanies and contributes to the social, environmental and economic management of interest groups in order to generate alternatives for local and global action, and to promote public policies that are integral to the development of vulnerable populations in the intervention areas.


Red Uniendo Manos Peru is an initiative of the Presbyterian Church's anti-hunger program that seeks to attack the root causes of hunger both in the United States and abroad. The program works in coordination with the Presbyterian Church of the United States, in collaboration with the Presbyterian World Mission and primarily with a global network in 10 countries. In Peru, Red Uniendo Manos forms a network of 12 non-profit organizations and churches that collaborate with each other to attack the root causes of hunger in the country.

IRD Activities

  • . Dialogue table in favor of environmental health in the Junin region, Huancayo, La Orayo, Peru

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