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Jordanian Interfaith Coexistence Research Center

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  • المركز الاردني لبحوث التعايش الديني

    • PO Box 811633, Amman 11181, Jordan
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Develop and implement educational programmes geared towards developing the concepts of peace building using the interfaith perspective of human dignity, equality, justice, and freedom.


Founded in 2003.

IRD Activities

  • Imams for Coexistence

    Giving the imams opportunities to interact with western societies in a positive and constructive way through participating in dialogues at public events, presenting western audiences with a basic knowledge and understanding of Islam, the Arab world, and Arab culture from imams living in a country of peace and long-standing friendship with the west, enabling the imams, upon return to Middle East, to convey their impressions of western values through exchanges and dialogues with audiences in their respective home countries

  • Youth for Coexistence

    JICRC provides a venue for Muslim and Christian youth to dialogue and to build relationships of respect and understanding. Youth who have the passion and the capacity to promote peace and understanding between the faith traditions will become the most effective future spokespersons for the cause of peaceful coexistence. The programme includes conferences, camps and workshops

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Amman, Jordan - World - Amman, Jordan - World