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Judeo-Christian Confraternity of Bah�a Blanca

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  • Confraternidad Judeo-Cristiana de Bah�a Blanca

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The main purpose of the Judeo-Christian Confraternity of Bah�a Blanca is to spread the spirit of fraternity, harmony, and dialogue between people of Jewish and Christian religions. The Confraternity respects and tries to make contact with other religious and cultural groups and so promotes joint interreligious, social, and cultural experiences and gatherings.


The Judeo-Christian Confraternity of Bahia Blanca was created a result of closer ties and interactions through religious festivals and events such as the interreligious events "Seek peace and follow after it" in 2006, the interreligious event commemorating Assisi 1986 in 2011, and the Malvinas Veterans Vigil "Together for Peace" in 2013. In addition, the joint events that were carried out by the various Christian Churches (Ecumenical Group of Bah�a Blanca) include Jewish participants, such as the interreligious event for Human Rights Day, the 25 years anniversary for the return to democracy in 2008, and the Judeo-Christian dialogue table "The Ten Commandments" in 2012. The Israelite Association of Bah�a Blanca and the Jewish community invited Christians to religious festivities in the synagogue such as 100th anniversary of the Israelite Association in the city in 2010 and the commemoration which was held for the victims of the attack on AMIA. These common meetings led to further collaboration and finally the Judeo-Christian Confraternity of Bah�a Blanca was established with the signing of the founding act in which representatives from both religions formalized the creation of a space for dialogue and reflection after a long time of agreement and mutual esteem. The founding act was signed by: representatives of the local DAIA, the Rabbi and members of the Jewish community, Archbishop and Auxiliary Bishop of the Igl archdiocese. Catholic A. Romana, Priest in charge of the Judeo-Christian dialogue, representatives of the Focolare Movement, and Franciscans, Pastor and laity of the Ig community. Ev. Del R�o de la Plata, Pastor and laity of the community of the Church Ev. Valdense, Pastor and lay woman of the Ig. Ev. Methodist, Pastor of the Church. Ev. Baptist "The Good Shepherd".

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