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Kalam Research & Media

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  • كلام للبحوث والاعلام

    • Office 0114, Ibn Battuta Gate, PO Box 502221, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    • Tripoli, Libya
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Revive the theological and spiritual discourse in Islam through its network of scholars, professionals and institutional partners around the world; enhance its connection to wider intellectual and social currents through media and publication.


Kalam Research and Media was founded in 2009 by Dr. Aref Ali Nayed.

IRD Activities

  • Theology

    KRM is working on the renewal of Islamic Theology (kalam, meaning “discourse”) around compassion, wisdom, and the common good. In this work KRM engages with leading theologians from other religious traditions, especially Christianity and Judaism

  • Inter-Faith

    KRM is promoting global, regional, and local Inter-Faith initiatives, and is developing curricula, outreach resources, and publications to support them

  • Research and Publication

    KRM is conducting research, and prepares translations and publications in the core areas: Islamic Theology (Kalam), Islamic Philosophy and Wisdom, Islamic Philosophy of Science, Technology, & the Environment, Inter-Faith Engagement, Inter-Faith Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Scriptural Reasoning and Hermeneutics, Islamic Professional and Business Ethics, Creative and Critical Thinking, as well as Compassion Architecture.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    n - i - - Northern Africa - South-Western Asia - United Arab Emirates - Libya - n - i -