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KOINONIA Ecumenical Presence and Service

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  • KOINONIA Presença Ecumênica e Serviço

    • Rua Santo Amaro, 129, Glória, 22211-230, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

    • Rua Barão de Itapetininga, nº 120 sala 307, República, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
      Travessa da Ajuda, s/nº, Edifício Martins Catharino, sala 705, Centro, Salvador, BA, Brazil
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Mobilise ecumenical solidarity and provide services to historically and culturally vulnerable groups who are in the process of social and political emancipation, and promote the ecumenical movement and its libertarian values.


KOINONIA is an ecumenical organisation, founded in 1994 by former participants of the Centro Ecumênico de Documentação e Informação (Ecumenical Centre of Documentation and Information), an institution that operated between 1974 and 1994. This new entity was created within the framework of its Member Assembly, consisting of historical militants who fought for democracy and for the affirmation of the values ​​of the Ecumenical Movement in Brazil. The goal of the new organisation, in continuity with the ecumenical tradition, was initially to provide services to religious communities, the social movement and the churches.

IRD Activities

  • Programme 'Ecumenism, Dialogue and Training'

    It aims to stimulate joint knowledge-building and to establish partnerships and linkages with the ecumenical and social movements. Its activities include studies and training programmes on ecumenism and human rights, in cooperation with several theological training centres. The programme stimulates all the KOINONIA initiatives in development, organisation, and dissemination of accumulated knowledge, either through interreligious dialogue or through reflections and practices involving respect for diversity

  • Programme 'Ecumenical and Civil Society Network'

    It aims to promote ecumenical and interreligious relations with partners and entities that fight for rights. It aims to contribute to the coordination between national and international ecumenical groupings, to enhance the interaction between ecumenical and civil society initiatives, to produce analyses on strategic issues, and to monitor public policies and the fulfillment of international commitments by the State, especially in the field of rights.

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