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Körber Foundation

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  • Körber Stiftung

    • Kehrwieder 12, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

    • Pariser Platz 4a, 10117 Berlin, Germany
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Act as an operating foundation; develop and promote programmes for which the Foundation retains full responsibility, while still remaining open to suggestions and cooperations; try out new ideas and methods and transfer them to society; seek to encourage others to take initiative into their own hands.


Fathered in 1959 by the entrepreneur and instigator Kurt A. Körber, the foundation is now active both nationally and internationally with its own projects and events from its locations in Hamburg and Berlin.

IRD Activities

  • Körber Network Foreign Policy/KörberForum - Interreligious Dialogue

    At the Körber Network Foreign Policy a group of selected young foreign-policy professionals meets with international decision-makers and gets to know hot spots of international politics on the ground. During a field trip to Iran, the Director of the Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute provided an opportunity for a lively debate on issues related to inter-religious dialogue, the way that Muslims, Christians and Jews live together in the multi-ethnic country of Iran – and the current political situation in the Middle East. In Morocco, the Munich Young Leaders met with government and civil society actors talking about the prospects for an intercultural and interfaith dialogue in the Mediterranean area. Within the KörberForum, inter alia, discussions about new ways and opportunities for better integration and greater acceptance of Islam in Germany with a focus on interreligious and intercultural dialogue are held.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Germany - Iran - Morocco