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Lama Gangchen International Global Peace Foundation

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  • Lama Gangchen Peace Foundation

    • Mambostraat 63, 5802 LB Venray, Netherlands

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      Diego de León 20-2Izq, 28006 Madrid, Spain
      Via Zara 20, 28813 Albagnano di Bee, Italy
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LGIGPF aims to ensure peace with the environment, mental and physical health, inner peace and world peace.


Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, the President of the Lama Gangchen Foundation International Global Peace Foundation, LGIGPF, established the Lama Gangchen International Global Peace Association, LGIGPA, in 1996, which was the basis of the current Foundation, founded on the 15th of February 2013. We use the 'working name' Lama Gangchen Peace Foundation.

IRD Activities

  • United Nations Spiritual Forum for World Peace

    An open collective project, a full partnership to unite them into one voice, by creating a permanent Spiritual Forum within the existing United Nations structure to contribute and bring both spiritual and material support to the United Nations

  • Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre

    Courses are held on Buddhist philosophy, psychology and meditation, and the meditative techniques of NgalSo Tantric Self Healing. The Centre also organises humanitarian aid for Himalayan countries, pilgrimages to the sacred places of Buddhism and inter-religious meetings for world peace.

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    New York, NY, USA - Netherlands