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Latin American Council of Churches

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  • Consejo Latinoamericano de Iglesias; Conselho Latino Americano de Igrejas

    • Calle Inglaterra N32-113 y Mariana de Jesús, Quito, Ecuador

    • Andean Regional Secretariat, Calle Cañada Strongest 1808, 10227, La Paz, Bolivia
      Brazil Regional Secretariat, Rua Amaral Gurgel 452, Sobreloja, Vila Buarque, Cep 01221-000, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
      River Plate Regional Secretariat, Calle Camacuá 282,1406, Buenos Aires, Argentina
      Gran Colombia and the Caribbean Regional Secretariat, C/ 13#8 Residencial Don Zoilo, La Vega, Dominican Republic
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Promote the unity of the people of God in Latin America, as an expression and as a contribution of the unity of the Latin American people; manifest the unity that we have in Christ, recognising the richness of the diversity of traditions, confessions and expressions of faith, reflection, teaching, proclamation, and service, taking into consideration the Latin American reality and identity; help members discover their own identity and commitment as Christians in the Latin American reality in the search for an order of justice and fraternity; encourage and support its members in their evangelisation mission, as a sign of their fidelity to Christ's command and his presence in the peoples of Latin America; promote reflection and theological and pastoral dialogue around the Christian mission and witnesses across the continent and in the rest of the world.


Founded on 16 November 1982 in Huampaní, Peru.

IRD Activities

  • Mission and Evangelisation Unit

    It aims to increase interfaith dialogue and cooperation from the concepts of unity and identity of the Church, to promote dialogue among different theological traditions and schools of thought, to define theological parameters for interreligious dialogue and cooperation with churches, to reflect on models of ecumenism and to support ecumenical movements of theology students.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Quito, Ecuador