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Latin American Jesuit Provincials’ Conference

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  • Conferencia de Provinciales en América Latina

    • Ave. Fulgencio Valdez 780, Breña, 05-0052, Lima, Peru
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Promote greater unity, communication, and a common vision among all the Jesuits working in Latin America; assume the six apostolic priorities of the Common Apostolic Project to establish joint actions and a more rational and effective use of human and material resources; develop and implement interprovincial projects and, eventually, establish common houses and works to address the needs of the region; promote solidarity and mutual assistance between the provinces and regions of Latin America and between them and those from other continents.


The CPAL is an organisation created in 1999 to promote coordination and collaboration between the 14 Provinces, one Provincialate, and two Regions of the Society of Jesus in Latin America. It was born from the desire of the Provincials and the Major Superiors to create a single Conference and provide it with a minimum of resources and infrastructure, in order to address the challenges and apostolic needs of the reality of this region more effectively. Although the desire was born in May 1999, at a Provincials' meeting in Santiago, Chile, CPAL only came into existence with the approval of its Statutes by Father General, on November 27 of that year.

IRD Activities

  • Priority 3 'Faith and Culture Dialogue'

    Laying bridges of dialogue between faiths and cultures in Latin America and the Caribbean with particular attention to the global culture, as service to persons, society and the Church. It aims to maintain permanent reflection on the Western globalised culture, its influence on our people's cultures, and its secular impact on the continental Christian experience, to promote dialogue between Christian faith and indigenous and afrodescendent's cultures, and to promote interreligious and ecumenical dialogue.

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