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Leipzig Mission

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  • Evangelisch–Lutherisches Missionswerk Leipzig e.V.

    • Paul-List-Str. 19, 04103 Leipzig, Germany
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Support the fulfillment of the Church's Missionary Mandate, testifying the gospel of Jesus Christ by word and deed throughout the world; provide insights into the global church, raise awareness about the lives of our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world and contribute to the community work with our experience here in Germany; promote the possibilities of mutual learning, new experiences and ecumenical impulses in our sponsoring churches.


The Evangelical Lutheran Leipzig Mission is the successor organization of the Dresden Mission founded in 1836. The Leipzig Mission was moved to Leipzig in 1848.

IRD Activities

  • Missiology

    The missiology emerged in the 18th century as an independent theological discipline. In taking up the concept of "Missio Dei", the mission and devotion of God to the people, the missiology of today deals with topics such as globalization, climate and food justice, ecumenical and interreligious questions, and political and economic issues. Today the Leipzig Mission works especially with the Faculty of Theology at the University of Leipzig, supporting graduate students and organizing joint symposia and seminars

  • Discover Diversity - Combined Action

    The project is aimed at youth groups, school classes, community groups and senior citizens' groups to encourage them to learn about the cultural and religious diversity in the Saxon parishes and in their local environment. The aim is a combined action and personal encounters with people who were born in another country, come from another culture or with people of other denomination, ideology or religion.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

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