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Lican Foundation

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  • Fundaci�n Lican

    • Las Misiones s/n, Tirua, region del Biobio, Chile
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The Lican Foundation takes part in Jesuit activities such as generating and participating in ecclesial and social processes of empowerment, promoting the dignity of life in the Mapuche lands, and forming connections with other people regardless of the presence of other institutions. The activities of the Lican Foundation are focused on the Mapuche area but are open to all.


The Lican Foundation was created in 2013 as a platform to show the different initiatives that the Jesuit community in Tirua (of the Society of Jesus) have been carrying out since 2000 in the Mapuche territory of Tirua, Biobio Region. During this time, initiatives and collaborations took place to improve the lives of the people in the area while respecting and taking charge of the intercultural reality of the territory, and the various people and religions present in it. The Lican Foundation is inspired by the Kingdom announced by Jesus of Nazareth that is shown in the struggle for justice that faith itself demands, and work to establish just and reconciled relationships with God, with oneself, with others and with all Creation. The historical project on the life of the Mapuche People shows that these just and reconciled relationships expressed in the Kume Mongen or Itrovill Mongen (Good Living) that speaks of a life in harmony with all beings: with the spiritual forces, with men and women, with nature.