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Lutheran World Federation

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  • Lutherische Weltbund

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Build up a communion in Christ living and working together for a just, peaceful, and reconciled world.


The LWF was established in 1947 as a Federation of Lutheran churches. Lutherans worldwide wanted to confess, reflect, reconcile, and to respond together to human suffering in the aftermath of the Second World War.

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    We reflect on what it means to be Lutheran, drawing on the experiences of our member churches to deepen our theology, spiritual life and work. We connect to our rich theological heritage, and respond to challenges to our faith.Dialogue and relationships with other churches and other faiths help to shape our identity.What we do:Build networks for dialogue and exchange among theologians.Encourage study, conversation and reflection to raise awareness and build unity.Encourage respectful discussion on issues that could divide us.Engage in dialogue and relationships with international Christian bodies.Work with ecumenical partners in theology, mission, development and advocacy.Encourage member churches to work with other faiths for peace, justice and reconciliation.

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