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Man Center

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  • Centro dell'Uomo Associazione Non-Profit di Utilità Sociale

    • Monastero di Sargiano, 52100 Arezzo, Italy
  • centrodelluomo

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To create a man who is aware of the important task that, as the most elevated being in the whole of creation, he must perform for the spiritual and social progress of humankind, for safeguarding the planet where he lives, and for both the physical and spiritual help of those in need.

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  • Dialog between peoples

    Ecumenism (from the Greek oikuméné, the entire inhabited terrestrial surface) is the search for common principles, in spite of the multiplicity of the various religions and cultures: it does not intend to create a new religion or philosophy (syncretism), but understanding and love among the existing ones.In keeping with this principle, Man Center attends and organizes periodic conferences, with the aim of cementing brotherhood among all men, thus promoting the gradual elimination of sectarianism, fanaticism, and conflicts between the different religions.In addition, it translates and publishes publications of a high ecumenical nature.

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