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Mennonite World Conference

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Be a global community of faith in the Anabaptist tradition; facilitate relationships between Anabaptist-related churches worldwide; relate to other Christian world communions and organizations.


Mennonite World Conference (MWC) represents the majority of the global family of Christian churches rooted in the 16th century Radical Reformation in Europe, particularly in the Anabaptist movement. MWC membership in 2018 included one international association and 107 Mennonite and Brethren in Christ national churches from 58 countries, with around 1.47 million baptized believers in close to 10,000 congregations. About 81% of baptized believers in MWC member churches are African, Asian or Latin American, and 19% are located in Europe and North America.

IRD Activities

  • Young Anabaptists Movement

    Though young people have different faces, cultures, languages and ways of practicing our Anabaptist faith, all of them in the global Anabaptist family form part of Young Anabaptists. Young Anabaptists also has a committee, the YABs Committee. This committee represents all of young people before the MWC General Council and works with the MWC Executive Committee. The YABs committee is made up of a representative from each continent and a mentor. The role of the continental representatives is to share the needs of young people in their continental regions with the YABs committee, and then to jointly discuss projects and themes related to young Anabaptists

  • Connecting Youth Groups

    Organisation started this project to create connections between different youth groups in different countries or continents. In 2010-2011 organisation began by sending and receiving the application forms, and is working currently with the groups who have applied

  • Global Youth Summit (18+)

    The Global Youth Summit is a special time when young Anabaptists from the entire world come together. These three days are a time where the Lord allows young people to mutually bless each other, and to share news, experiences, and the struggles they live in our different continents and countries, in order to enrich the faith of all. Previous Youth Summit took place in Pennsylvania, USA and the next one will take place in 2021 in Salatiga, Indonesia

  • Young Anabaptists' Fellowship Week

    Every June on an annual basis Young Anabaptists meet to celebrate their common faith and roots in their different cultural contexts by studying and discussing a passage from Scripture, sharing songs and prayer requests, hearing each other’s stories and praying for each other

  • YAMEN! Exchange network

    Young Anabaptist Mennonite Exchange Network program is a joint program between Mennonite World Conference and Mennonite Central Committee. It places emphasis on expanding the fellowship between churches in the Anabaptist tradition and developing young leaders around the globe. Participants spend one year in a cross-cultural assignment starting in August and ending the following July. The main objectives of YAMEN are to promote a theology of service that encourages growth as global citizens active in social justice and peacemaking, to provide opportunities for learning and mutual transformation through the development of intercultural skills, to foster opportunities for spiritual growth, appreciation of Anabaptist values and involvement in the local and global church, to explore and develop skills while cultivating an increased sense of vocation by serving alongside a local partner organization

  • Intern program at the UN

    Young adults from a Mennonite World Conference member church in the Global South are invited to apply for a one-year internship in the Mennonite Central Committee United Nations office in New York

  • Interchurch Dialogue

    As a global communion of Anabaptist-related churches, Mennonite World Conference engages in dialogue with other Christian world communions and organizations. Most recently, MWC has been involved in dialogue with Believers' Baptism Churches, Seventh-day Adventists, Lutherans, Catholics, Baptists and ongoing dialogues, for example, trilateral dialogue between Mennonites, Catholics and Lutherans

  • Global Christian Forum

    The Global Christian Forum is a movement of representatives from diverse Christian churches, organisations and traditions meeting on an equal basis, to foster mutual respect and to address common challenges together. The Global Christian Forum offers new opportunities for broadening and deepening encounters on the way to Christian unity. It especially promotes relationships between and among Christian churches and traditions which have not been in conversation with each other previously.

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