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Mission 21, Protestant Mission Basel

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  • Mission 21, Evangelisches Missionswerk Basel

    • Missionsstrasse 21, 4009 Basel, Switzerland
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Grapple with religious, theological and cultural traditions; engage in dialogue with different religions, recognising what they share in common as well as barriers to understanding each other's cultures and religions; committed to sustainable development; strive to ensure the greatest possible transparency and participation with regards to projects, programmes and the allocation of resources.


Mission 21 arose in 2001 from the merger of five closely related missions. Today, the Mission 21's board of trustees consists of the Basel Mission, the Evangelical Mission in the Kwango and the Moravian Church. In 2015, Mission 21 will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Basel Mission.

IRD Activities

  • Peace Work and Interreligious Dialogue

    Mission 21 works in many regions afflicted by social, religious, economic or ethnic conflicts. Mission 21 supports non-violent initiatives which aim at building trust and promoting peace. The complex causes of the conflicts are examined and sustainable relations between local grassroots groups, Muslim and Christian organisations, state authorities and university institutions initiated. Mission 21 thus contributes to the inter-religious and inter-cultural communication on the regional as well as on the national level and helps to resolve societal conflicts.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Ghana - Cameroon - Democratic Republic of the Congo - Nigeria - India - Indonesia - Japan - Malaysia - South Korea - China - Argentina - Bolivia - Chile - Costa Rica - Ecuador - Peru - Sudan - Tanzania - South Africa - State of Palestine - Switzerland