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Missionary Sisters of St Columban

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    • Columban Sisters, St. Columban's, Magheramore, Wicklow, Ireland

    • 2546 Lake Road Silver Creek, NY 14136, USA
      632 Pinaglabanan, San Juan, Metro Manila 1500, Philippines
      Lima, Peru
      Seoul, South Korea
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Go to other cultures in order to dialogue with people of other faiths and cultures, to serve as we dialogue the Gospel message and to be enriched by other faith traditions.


In December 1917 Fr John Blowick, co-founder of the Columban Fathers (originally called the Maynooth Mission to China) spoke of the urgent need for women collaborators in the new missionary venture in China. This appeal found a ready response in the hearts of many women, one of whom was Lady Frances Moloney who later became Mother Mary Patrick. Dialogue during the years 1917-1920 brought clarity as to the nature of the new missionary group and in December 1920 permission was granted to found a Missionary Religious Congregation of Sisters who would engage in any apostolate that would further the preaching of the Gospel in China. February 1922 saw the first group of postulants gathered in Cahiracon. Co Clare, and with the First Profession on September 29, 1924, the young community was officially incorporated in the Church as a public Missionary Religious Congregation. The Congregation became one of pontifical right with the approval of the Constitutions by the Holy See in 1947.

IRD Activities

  • Dialoguing with People of Other Faiths and Cultures

    The apostolate of Dialogue with people of other faiths is a vital part of mission today. There is the privilege of sharing on the traditions of each faith. Out of this comes a greater appreciation of the Mystery from which all faiths flow. Sharing meditation/prayer together provides a bridge and meeting point. It also gives energy to continue on the long road of building mutual understanding as all faith traditions try to work together for a new and transformed society. A further and precious development is a greater desire to work together for social transformation. Participating together in Social and Neighbourhood projects allows for a deeper understanding of our common humanity, it opens up opportunities for getting in touch with and enjoying the God-given richness and diversity of different cultures. All this is available to us all for fostering a more just and peaceful world. Related Projects and Activities: Forums for Shared Meditation and Prayer, Neighbourhood Groups working on local issues (Anti-Poverty Programs, Drug Addiction Counselling), and Advocacy Work.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Pakistan - Myanmar - Philippines