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Missionary Society of St Columban

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  • 콜룸반외방선교회; Sociedad Misionera de San Columbano

    • Ma Yau Tong Village, Po Lam Road Tseung Kwan O, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

    • U.S. Region Headquarters, Missionary Society of St. Columban, PO Box 10, St. Columbans, NE 68056, USA
      Head Office for the British Region, St. Columban's, Widney Manor Road, Solihull, B93 9AB, UK
      Columbans Ireland, St Columban's, Dalgan Park, Navan, Ireland
      Region of Australia and New Zealand, St Columban's, PO Box 752, Niddrie, Victoria 3042, Australia
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Establish the church among peoples to whom the Gospel has not been preached; help Churches mature until they are able to evangelize their own and other peoples; promote dialogue between Christians and those of other religious traditions; facilitate interchange between local Churches, especially those from which we come and those to which we are sent; foster in local Churches an awareness of their missionary responsibility.


The Society was founded in 1918 by two Irish priests Fr Edward Galvin and Fr John Blowick for missionary work in China. It has close connections with the Columban Sisters who were founded in 1924. In 1988 the Society established the Columban Lay Mission. At the moment there are 480 priests, from 11 countries, involved in Columban Mission in 16 countries.

IRD Activities

  • Columban Interreligious Dialogue Website

    The Missionary Society of Saint Columban has launched www.columbanird.org, a new website on interreligious dialogue (IRD). It contains a wealth of information on interfaith relations, conveniently grouped under menus, including latest news, Columban stories, teaching documents, multi-faith action on social issues, practical guidelines, resources and basic information on selected world religions. This website is a great resource on interreligious dialogue for all Catholics, Christians, believers from other religions and concerned citizens, especially teachers, students and interfaith activists

  • Interfaith Dialogue

    Columbans promote a dialogue of life and action between peoples of different cultures and religions in different missions

  • Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations of the Columban Mission Institute in Australia

    The staff engages in and promotes the Catholic Church’s teachings on interreligious dialogue, especially between Christians and Muslims, through networking, publishing the quarterly newsletter “Bridges”, teaching, hosting and attending interfaith and multi-faith conferences and events.

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    Virtual - Australia - China - Ireland - Japan - Myanmar - Pakistan - Philippines - South Korea - UK - USA - Australia