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Promote academic, cultural and political exchange; participate in the discussion about European citizenship; serve as a platform for meaningful collaboration between Sweden, EU and other actors beyond former geopolitical borders.


Founded in 2013 as Active Ukrainians in Europe, it developed by exchanging experiences over the years, becoming more multicultural and inclusive. Updating without losing its origins, More Mosaic’s mission is the exchange of best practices with other countries’ civil society’s representatives, the spread of democratic principles and the involvement of youth workers in activities enhancing the European Union’s values. From its Ukrainian diaspora origins, More Mosaic is moving towards more openness and inclusion. Our organization strives to keep the democratic values paramount and to pursue principles of humanity, namely equality and inclusion.

IRD Activities

  • Survey

    The survey "Intolerance and culture of violence among youth in Sweden" was designed with an aim to reveal existing trends and patterns of radicalization and manifestation of violence among the youth living in Sweden. The information gathered through this survey will be used for the evidence-based research and design of projects and strategies for overcoming radicalization among the youth. This survey was conducted in the four Peace & Love Vector partner countries: Armenia, Estonia, Sweden and Ukraine. Young Swedes and residents in Sweden were asked to answer our survey via social media. Organisation's objective was to collect useful information about this topic, in order to deliver better actions in its everyday youthwork and local activities.

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