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Mothers Trust Ashram, Lakeshore Interfaith Community, Ramakrishna Sarada Universal Temple

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    • Mothers Trust Ashram Retreat, Lakeshore Interfaith Community, Ramakrishna Sarada Universal Temple, 6676 122nd Avenue, Fennville, Ganges, MI 49408, USA
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Developing our spiritual community & outreach programs, especially for Women & Girls in today's modern world. Known as the Mothers Trust Mission for Women & Girls, we are dedicated to interfaith study and dialogue as one of the many important ways of promoting understanding, respect, compassionate forgiveness and peaceful relationships among people of differing beliefs in the community and in the world, for the sustainability of the earth and the healing of all living beings and relationships. Interfaith honors differences, and the common ground of human dignity and Spirit.


Mother's Trust began as an idea long before 1991, the year it was incorporated. In 1973, a young Eva Schroeder (later to become Gauribrata Puri Devi, head sannyasini of Mother's Trust / Mother's Place, Sri Sri Sarada Mata Ashram) met Swami Bhashyananda in Chicago. From the first moment, the Swami saw something in the earnest newcomer; he felt and clearly expressed his belief that she would dedicate her life to spirituality and the service of women.

IRD Activities

  • Mothers Mission Interfaith

    The goal of interfaith education and dialogue, is to consider the role of individual and global transformation and spiritual consciousness. The services and programmes of Mothers Trust, Lakeshore Interfaith Community and Ramakrishna Sarada Universal Temple fosters a relationship of teaching and learning, for the cultivation of values, morals, and global ethical development

  • Explore the Sacred Ways of the World's Great Wisdom Traditions Certification Course

    Mothers Trust's visiting faculty persons offer a presentation and engage in dialogue with the students, concluding with a spiritual practice, ritual, meditation, or something else of their choice from their own tradition and practice. This will give the students an experiential encounter with their wisdom tradition, and something they can, if they choose, use themselves during the coming month of exploration of the tradition that has been presented

  • World Religions Course

    The Mothers Trust Ashram, Lakeshore Interfaith Community offers a two year programme to prepare individuals to become ordained interfaith ministers, through the All Faiths Seminary International.

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