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Municipal Assembly of Religions of Lleida

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  • Assemblea Municipal de les Religions de Lleida

    • Regidoria d'Educaci�, Cooperaci�, Drets Civils i Feminismes Departament de Drets Civils Avda. Tortosa, 2 (MercoLleida building) 25005 Lleida Spain
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The AMR works for the following objectives:First, to advise the Ajuntament de Lleida on the different issues related to religious diversity issues. Second, to make proposals for actions regarding municipal issues that promote the interreligious dialogue as a tool of peace and cohabitation. Third, to Perform mediation tasks between the different represented religious communities and local authorities and other administrations in order to promote coexistence in the city. Fourth, to promote education regarding religious diversity in the city. Fifth, to encourage the development of comprehensive municipal policies and actions aimed at the defense of the interreligious dialogue, a culture of peace, and human rights.


The Municipal Assembly of Religions was born in 2005 based on the need to find tools which guarantee the mutual respect and the improvement of the cohabitation between the people involved in different religious and spiritual traditions in the city. The Assembly originates in the will of different religious traditions and political representatives to come together and promote the freedom of conscience and religion and to encourage peaceful coexistence.

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  • . Open day in places of worship, Lleida, Spain

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