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Muslim Council of Britain

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    • Muslim Council of Britain, PO Box 57330, London E1 2WJ, UK
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To empower Muslim communities to achieving a just, cohesive and successful British society.


Founded in 1997.

IRD Activities

  • Prayer for Peace - Interfaith Iftar Events

    On the eve of the tenth anniversary of 7/7, the Muslim Council of Britain holds a national peace iftar (breaking of fast). Muslims will be joined by faith leaders in this united act of solidarity. In this event, the MCB hopes to convene friends from Muslim and interfaith communities who will, with one voice, call for a prayer for peace and pray for the victims of terrorism. The gathering aims to Pray for the victims and their families/ Urge the leaders to defy the terrorists by calling for unity between people, not division/ Show the world our abhorrence of this violence. Similar events will be held during the week where mosques will invite local communities around them to break bread after a day long fast, pray for the victims of terror and pray for peace.

  • Visit My Mosque

    Visit My Mosque day is a national initiative facilitated by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), where over 200 mosques across the UK are holding open days to welcome in their neighbours from all faiths and none and building bridges across communities.Many mosques across the UK have been holding open days for years if not decades. Visit My Mosque Day is just an initiative where mosque nationwide time their open days to be on the same day.

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