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Muslim World League

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  • رابطة العالم الإسلامي

    • Omm al Joud, Old Jeddah Road, PO Box 537, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

    • Bureau de la Ligue Islamique Mondiale, PO BOX 523, Nouakchott, Mauritania
      85 St. Jean Road, 1st Floor Newry Complex, Quarter Bornes, Mauritius
      Novyi Arbat, 121099, Moscow Str. 25, App: 22, 20 Moscow, Russian Federation
      Bolum 17 RUE CLER, 75007 Paris, France
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To present the true Islam and its tolerant principles, provide humanitarian aid, extend bridges of dialogue and cooperation with all, engage in positive openness to all cultures and civilizations, follow the path of centrism and moderation to realize the message of Islam and ward off movements calling for extremism, violence and exclusion for a world full of peace, justice and coexistence.


The Muslim World League was founded by Muslim religious figures from 22 states in accordance with a resolution adopted during the meeting of the decision by the General Islamic Conference, which was held in Mecca in 1962. The decision was officially ratified in Mecca in April 1965.

IRD Activities

  • World Dialogue

    This activity consists of a series of conferences and meetings on interreligious dialogue under the following titles: International Islamic Conference for Dialogue in Mecca. International Conference for Dialogue. World Conference on Dialogue in Madrid. The follow-up Committee Meeting - Vienna. Geneva Meeting.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Tilburg, Netherlands - Anofia, Nigeria - Jeonju, North Korea - Caracas, Venezuela - Mantes-la-Jolie, France - Bissau, Guinea-Bissau - Basel, Switzerland - Geneva, Switzerland - Cotonou, Benin - Brussels, Belgium - Niamey, Niger - Vienna, Austria - Gibraltar, Gibraltar - Edinburgh, UK - Stockholm, Sweden - Helsingor, Denmark - Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Brasilia, Brazil - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Rome, Italy - Madrid, Spain