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National Council of Churches in Denmark

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  • Danske Kirkers Råd

    • Peter Bangs Vej 1D, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
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Initiate studies and projects that are considered important for cooperation and communion between the churches; Work to ensure Christian churches and religious communities freedom and equal terms; Promote contact and cooperation between national and international church life and communicate and inspire collaboration among congregations in Denmark and abroad; Organise Ecumenical Forum, which is made up of churches, religious communities, churches and organizations to promote ecumenical dialogue and cooperation on specific projects; Work across religious affiliation on principles of volunteerism and commitment to each work.


Founded in 2004, as a merger of the Ecumenical Council of Denmark founded in 1939, and the Council of Danish Churches founded in 1991.

IRD Activities

  • The Contact Group for Muslims and Christians

    The Contact Group for Muslims and Christians represents two largest monotheistic religions in Denmark. The representatives are in regular contact with each other on relevant issues and challenges. The contact group participates in the public debate on specific issues and themes that the group considers relevant. In addition, the contact group initiatives or cooperates on activities and events to promote inter-religious dialogue and strengthen the awareness and knowledge of these two religions

  • International Dialogue Conferences

    The Contact Group holds conferences in Lebanon, October 2011 and Denmark, April 2012 for religious leaders to discuss on Freedom of religion, freedom of expression and human rights, together with theological discussions on ethics and the concept of God.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Denmark - Denmark - Lebanon