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National Team of Religious Meeting of Scouts of Argentina Civil Association

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  • Equipo Nacional de Encuentro Religioso de Scouts de Argentina Asociaci�n Civil

    • Libertad 1282, C1012, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), Argentina.
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Scouts Argentina Civil Association aims to develop the religious element of the Scouts and help ensure the confessional expression of each member as well as advancing on issues of interreligious co-existence.


Scouts Argentina Civil Association is a multi-confessional and federative scout association which focuses on religious issues, the Association has been working on interreligious integration by promoting respect and dialogue among different confessions. It is the first Scout Association in Iberoamerica, gathering a total of 7 religious confessions: the Catholic Church, Evangelical Church, Catholic Orthodox Apostolic Church of Antioch, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-days Saints. In 2020/2021, it is also working on integrating Afro-religious communities.