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Strengthen Jewish-Christian relations; try to develop Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue; support its Christian Arab brothers and sisters.


Second day of Easter 1963. After a long period of preparation, a family from Switzerland set foot on Israeli soil. With dreams for the future and with a small amount of possessions, they were ready for a new adventure: trying to help to cultivate the land and to contribute to the building of the country. But that was not the only reason for the Europeans to come to Israel: together with Christians from The Netherlands, and later also from Germany, they wanted to explore ways to heal the relationship between Jews and Christians after the dark years of the Second World War. Nes Ammim was founded in 1963 and has stayed until today a place where volunteers from Europe meet Jews and Arabs. They come to find out firsthand how people in Israel and the Palestinian Territories live, what they believe in and what they think about the conflict and the peace process.

IRD Activities

  • Study visits for theologians

    Nes Ammim offers affordable accommodation for pastors and theologians who want to spend a study visit or sabbatical in Israel. The study leader and the dialogue coordinator are available for study advice and can assist in providing contacts with the Nes Ammim network. Nes Ammim has an extensive library on Judaism and Jewish-Christian dialogue. Pastors and theologians have the opportunity to participate in excursions and lectures that are organized within the study program for volunteers

  • Seminar for Jewish and Arabic Youth at the Center of Learning and Dialogue

    The Center of Learning and Dialogue for Peace in Nes Ammim has won the support of two local experts: Ofer Lior from Kibbutz Tuval and Taiseer Khatib from Acre, during the seminar they will discuss issues related to identity, the history of the conflict, equality, the meaning of a Jewish state and democracy, the future of Arabs and Jews and their role in building this future. The activity will take place in both Hebrew and Arabic

  • Cooperations with other organisations

    Musalaha came to Nes Ammim with a group of 30 youngsters, both Jews and Arabs. ‘Musalaha Curriculum’ is the name of the methodology which is used by the Musalaha group. The methodology has been used for over 2 years and has proved effective. The curriculum aims to build relationships among the youth and to break down negative social stereotypes. One of the important learning goals is to teach the youth not to pre-judge other youth. Another example is "Creativity for Peace", which is a group who comes on regular basis to Nes Ammim. The mission of Creativity for Peace is to train young Palestinian and Israeli women to collaborate as leaders by breaking down barriers of anger and prejudice, facilitating friendships and inspiring action to promote peace. In January there was a group of 19 young women

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    Nes Ammim, Israel - Nes Ammim, Israel - Nes Ammim, Israel