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Network Faith, Culture and Education-CAR


Promote a culture of nonviolence and peace, citizenship, intercultural dialogue and interreligious dialogue.


The organization has been founded in 2002.

IRD Activities

  • Interfaith Symposia

    One of the main activities of RFCE-RCA is organizing interfaith symposia for the promotion of peace, peaceful coexistence and living together. The aim of RFCE-RCA's activities is to retain peace and promote the Gospel of life through dialogue, faith, culture and education. It is a network for students, youth and young professionals, but also open to all people who want to share their stories, advocate diversity, and respect differences

  • Trainings

    RFCE-RCA organizes training sessions and capacity building workshops for peaceful communication targeting youth and women of different religions

  • Meetings

    RFCE-RCA also organizes regional meetings to strengthen links between Central Africans of different religious denominations and their brothers in the sub-region. An example is the "great meeting of the children of God from the Central African Republic and the sub-region of Central Africa" celebrated in January 2018 whose general objective was to contribute to the consolidation of peace and living together between men, creatures of God, in CAR and in the sub-region.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Central African Republic - Central African Republic - Bangui, Central African Republic