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Network for Inter Faith Concerns

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To gather and disseminate information about relations with people of other faiths across the Anglican Communion


NIFCON was founded in 1993, with discussions taking place from 23rd January 1992 onwards. Its beginnings are very much related to Lambeth 1988, when the Inter Faith area was present for the first time in a substantive if limited way.

IRD Activities

  • Consultations

    NIFCON aims to hold a regional conference every three or four years. These bring together representatives from a particular area of the Communion and focus on a specific interfaith concern

  • Declarations and Agreements

    Whether as a result of patient dialogue over many years, an attempt to broker peace in times of conflict or the foundation of a new relationship

  • Inter Faith in Action - Perspectives

    Perspective on inter faith relations from countries around the Communion. These were first presented at one of the NIFCON regional Consultations

  • Dialogue - al Azhar

    In 2002, an agreement was signed to maintain the ongoing dialogue between the Sunni World Centre for Islamic Studies and the Anglican community

  • Alexandria Process

    A three-day summit in Alexandria, Egypt, between senior Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders resulted in the First Alexandria Declaration of the Religious Leaders of the Holy Land, which condemned violence and pledged to work for peace. A Permanent Committee for the Implementation of the Alexandria Declaration was established from the signatories and other spiritual leaders and has since met regularly

  • Agreement between The Chief Rabbis of Israel and The Archbishop of Canterbury

    The agreement sets out a framework for continuing dialogue between them. The parties expressed a desire to continue in a dialogue of mutual respect in which they seek only to understand each other better and to strengthen our own communities and their affection and respect for each other

  • Building Bridges

    Five pairs of scholars (each consisting of one Muslim and one Christian) presented a pair of papers. In the first four sessions each paper was followed by a prepared response from the scholar of the other faith to the presenter. After the fifth pair, participants split into small groups to consider ways of carrying the dialogue forward. Subsequent meetings have focused on a particular theme. Some of the papers presented have been published in book form

  • The Christian Muslim Digest

    This service hopes to offer a digest of information from English speaking newspapers and broadcast services in the main countries or areas where Anglicans and Muslims regularly encounter one another. It seeks to provide factual coverage of stories involving Anglicans and Muslims in a way that shows what is happening in relations, and how the stories are handled in the media

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Nigeria - India - Kaduna, Nigeria - Bali, Indonesia - Cairo, Egypt - Islamabad, Pakistan - London, UK - Alexandria, Egypt - Kericho, Kenya - New Zealand - Polynesia - Australia - Egypt - UK - Germany - Ghana - South Korea - Liberia - Malaysia - Pakistan - Sudan - Tanzania - Cairo, Egypt - London, UK - New York, NY, USA - Cairo, Egypt - Alexandria, Egypt - Israel - State of Palestine - Rome, Italy - London, UK - UK - Israel - Singapore, Singapore - Washington, DC, USA - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Doha, Qatar - London, UK - World 9 - Egypt