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Nishan Forum on World Civilizations

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  • 尼山世界文明论坛

    • No.12, Jingshiyi Road, Jinan, Shandong, 250014, China
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Promote fine traditions of Chinese culture, demonstrate openness, diversity, inclusiveness and pursuit of harmony of Chinese culture; promote exchanges and dialogues between Chinese civilisation and the western one, and enhance mutual understanding and respect among people of different countries to build a harmonious world.


Nishan Forum on World Civilizations was initiated in 2008 by Dr. Xu Jialu, Vice Chairman of the 9th and 10th NPC Standing Committee

IRD Activities

  • Nishon Forum

    The First Nishan Forum "Dialogues between Confucianism and Christian Civilisations" was a platform for dialogues between Confucianism and Christian civilisations with the theme of "harmony with diversity and the harmonious world" and the slogan of "Harmony, Love, Integrity, Tolerance". The Forum has invited over 70 renowned experts and scholars from 12 countries and regions. It has received 60 papers. The Second Nishan Forum on World Civilizations: Confucius and Jesus Christ: a dialogue between scholars from diverse civilizations

  • Jointly Held Nishan Forum with UN and UNESCO

    New York Nishan Forum on World Civilizations: Harmony based on shared values - beyond national identities and beliefs - dialogue between Confucianism and Christianity. Paris-Nishan Forum on "Confucianism and New Humanism in a Globalized World".

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Nishan, China - New York, NY, USA - Paris, France