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North American Interfaith Network

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Affirm humanity's diverse and historic spiritual resources and bring them to bear on contemporary global, national, regional and local issues; facilitate the work of interfaith organisations and provide networking possibilities; provide a coalition model of cooperative interaction based on serving the needs and promoting the aspirations of member organisations, including local interfaith groups, interreligious bodies, single faith with Interfaith Offices, academic study centers and media bodies.


As the result of a meeting of international interfaith organisations convened by the World Congress of Faiths in 1983 at Ammerdown, England, the Temple of Understanding was charged with a task to identify and support interfaith activity in North America. Temple of Understanding hosted meetings during 1985 through 1987 to discuss the formation of a network of interfaith councils in North America. It was with a great deal of donated energy, insight and prayerful envisioning that NAIN was born. Foundation in Wichita, Kansas, in 1988.

IRD Activities

  • NAINConnect

    NAIN sponsors annual conferences that are hosted by member organisations in different cities in the U. S. and Canada each year where leaders from across North America present workshops on topics covering interfaith encounters, politics and community communications

  • Interfaith Film Festival

    It is an opportunity for the international interreligious community to respectfully share their respective experiences of belief and faith with each other to better understand each other

  • NAINOnline

    A private subscription-based interactive community for NAIN member organisations to connect and discuss topics such as interfaith encounters etc.

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