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Norwegian Church Aid

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Provide emergency assistance in disasters and work for long-term development in local communities; advocate for just decisions by public authorities, business and religious leaders; and work to help the poorest and those in need, regardless of their creed, race, political or religious affiliation.


In October 1945, the Menighetspleienes Landsforbund (National Association of Congregational Aid) was founded to coordinate the social aid work Norwegian churches were confronted with after the Second World War. This marked the humble beginnings of Norwegian Church Aid. Norwegian Church Aid began in 1947 as a small fundraising drive by Norwegian churches. Today, NCA is one of the Nordic countries' largest aid organisations.

IRD Activities

  • Inter-religious Networks

    The organisation has approximately 20 local inter-religious networks in India. Networks are encouraged to identify with the values and issues, representative of the local religions and their common interests, such as climate change. Their partner organisation, the Interfaith Coalition for Peace, has on several occasions been invited to facilitate dialogue in local conflicts

  • Local and Global Network of Churches and Faith-Based Organisations

    NCA's foundation in faith opens doors for dialogue around the world.

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