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Office for Church and Encounter with other Religions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark

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    • Peter Bangs Vej 5B, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark
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Preach the gospel, to strengthen meetings between the Danish National Church and other religions in Denmark; offer courses; publish materials; engage in cooperation with diocesan committees, as well as with the National Church Mission or other related organizations.


F&R was established in December 2001.

IRD Activities

  • Networks

    F&R collaborates with diocesan committees, church institutions and organizations and others concerned with the religious meeting nationally and internationally. We can arrange contacts between the different actors of dioceses and parishes, organizations, experts and representatives of other religions

  • Dialogue

    F&R works for the establishment of dialogue groups locally and nationally

  • Studies

    F&R follows and conducts analyses and theological studies with a view to strengthening the national church meeting with other religions

  • Church Café on Islam and Christianity

    Project developed by F&R for parishes and congregations that want to establish or strengthen contacts with the parish Muslim residents. Participants include an imam, a priest and students. The final plenary debate allows for clarification of positions and illustrates the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity

  • Islam Forum

    Forum for people who are committed to the church's meeting with Muslims in Denmark. It aims to strengthen cooperation and networks between groups, priests, lay people, organizations and institutions dealing with religious meetings. The Islam Forum was established in 2003 and meets once a year

  • Christian-Muslim Conversation Forum (KMS)

    KMS is a network of Christian and Muslim leaders who has emerged from a series of annual conferences since 2006. KMS's purpose is to promote conversations about religion and safeguard and contribute to the development of a democratic and inclusive Danish society. KMS's goals include the establishment of communication channels, networks and relationships, characterized by openness and trust between Christian and Muslim leaders, and the development of joint Christian-Muslim initiatives. KMS's objective is pursued through various forms of interaction, conversation and cooperation between Christian and Muslim leaders such as joint working groups, seminars, conferences, study tours, publications, press releases, etc.

  • Nordic Conference on Religious Dialogue

    F&R is included along with the other Nordic churches in a network around religious encounter and dialogue of religions. A Nordic religion dialogue session is held once a year, targetting church workers involved in interfaith encounters and dialogue

  • Islam and Meetings with Muslims

    Even if you live in a city or a parish where there are many Muslims, you may not necessarily know one personally. The church can help build bridges between Christians and Muslims in the community. This can be done through various activities in which both groups are given the opportunity to learn more about their own beliefs and actions: common nights about faith rituals and celebrations, dialogue groups, exhibitions about Christianity and Islam, etc. It can also be done through collaboration with schools, local associations and citizens' groups, contributing to good neighborly relations in the parish

  • Meetings with Eastern Religions

    Many Danes again are taking religion after some years marked by the secularization of society. Many of them inspired by Eastern religions' beliefs and world understanding. Eastern religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, theosophy, and Taoism are potent sources of inspiration in the private sphere and in business, education and society. Although there are not necessarily many Buddhists or Hindus in the parish, it does not mean that the Eastern religions' influence does not occur. Thus, the Danish National Church faces several series of theological, pastoral and practical challenges and questions

  • Scarf, Belief and Interpretation

    F&R has released a new online educational material entitled "Scarf, belief and interpretation". The material is to be used in study groups with both Christian and Muslim participants.

  • Christian-Muslim Conversation Forum

    KMS is a network for Christian and Muslim leaders in Denmark who want to promote knowledge and relationships across beliefs. KMS is organized as a network with independent steering committee and basic document. Every year, KMS holds a conference for Christian and Muslim leaders.

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