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Organization for Building Better Society

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    • No.229 (B), Main Road, Rupa-North Ward, Sittwe, Rakhine State, Myanmar
  • www.bbs-mm.org

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Promote peace practices among different communities and empower communities to fight poverty from inside out.


The organization has been founded in September 2016

IRD Activities

  • Interfaith Dialogue

    BBS is nurturing dialogue practitioners in both Muslim community and Rakhine community by conducting various soft skills trainings on peace and dialogue. BBS believes dialogue approach is an effective and appropriate approach to bring conflicting community members to promote understanding towards conflict prevention and problem solving. The organization is reaching to different stakeholders in conflicting communities and doing dialogue initiatives between trained Muslim youth and Rakhine youth. On the other hand, it promotes interfaith awareness across Myanmar together with Metta Setwaing Interfaith Consortium in Yangon. BBS is a member cooperation circle of United Religion Initiative, global interfaith network.

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