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Pax Christi International-The International Catholic Peace Movement

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  • Christianity (Catholic)
  • Pax Christi, Mouvement international catholique pour la paix; Pax Christi, Movimiento Internacional Católico por la Paz

    • Rue du Progrès, 323,B-1030 Brussels,Belgium
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Transform a world shaken by violence, terrorism, deepening inequalities and global insecurity; create a culture of peace with religion as an unequivocal force for peace and social justice; work towards non-violence, demilitarisation and disarmament, human security, human rights and the rule of law as the basis of peaceful societies; bring together people from various backgrounds and cultures.


13 Mar 1945. Reorganised Dec 1950. Officially consecrated as Movement of the Church, 1952. Also referred to as Pax Christi International. Laureate of the UNESCO Peace Prize 1983. Statutes revised Apr 2006. Registered in accordance with Belgian law.