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Peace Tech

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    • 111 Paseo de Roxas Blvd., Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines
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Use videoconferencing and social media to bridge groups across large distances; tackle the main causes of conflict by building knowledge and trust; help people overcome misperception and prejudice at a young age; focus on youth who are affected by armed conflict.

IRD Activities

  • Global Classroom Program

    This program with the Philippine Department of Education is for high school classes throughout Mindanao, Metro Manila and the Visayas. Here PeaceTech is integrating classroom videoconferencing into the curriculum for Social Studies and Values Education on a full-time basis throughout the school year. The objectives are to improve learning and to build tolerance between different religious and ethnic communities. Results show improved learning and tolerance between Christian and Muslim students

  • ICT for Unity

    Continuing from our Pilot Program, PeaceTech bridged several thousand Christian, Indigenous and Muslim youth in workshops and videoconferences on (religious and cultural) tolerance accross the Philippines. This happened in the sounthern island of Mindanao, the Visayas, and in the nothern island of Luzon. As with the pilot program, victims of war including widows and kidnap victims participated with soliders and insurgents in videoconferences throughout the country

  • EPIC program

    empowerment for Peace through Information & Communication. EPIC empowers some of society’s most vulnerable youth. They may be out-of-school youth living in the poorest of communities. They can be victims of armed conflict, former child soldiers, or members of extremist groups. Or, they may be vulnerable to joining such groups. What most share in common is a sense of exclusion and frustration. EPIC gives these young adults a sense of inclusion. It helps them become peace actors by developing peace-building skills. We start with 5-day live-in workshops close to where they live. The workshops build awareness about forms of violence, nonviolent communication, conflict management strategies, leadership, digital citizenship and social media campaigning skills

  • iASEAN program

    Involvement, Inclusiveness and Innovation by ASEAN youth. Students unite in videoconferences at universities across ASEAN for the iASEAN Youth Connect Program. They debate some of the regions' most important topics — tolerance, integration & peace

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