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Pro Dignitate Foundation-Human Rights Foundation

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  • Fundação Pro Dignitate-Fundação de Direitos Humanos

    • Praça da Estrela 12, 1º, 1200-667, Lisbon, Portugal
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  • Portuguese, English, Cape Verdean creole, Guinea-Bissau creole
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Pursue humanitarian and social aims, for the promotion of human rights by means of scientific studies, planning, promotion, and evaluation of preventive measures and other actions for the defence of those rights.


Created in 1984 by Mrs. Maria de Jesus Barroso Soares and a group of Personalities for the prevention of violence and promotion of Human Right through scientific studies, planning and evolution of preventive measures, and other action for the defence of the referred right.

IRD Activities

  • Radios in the Service of Peace and Reconciliation

    It's an international project which aims to put an end to violence in the media in Guinea-Bissau, through the training of more than 200 journalists from 30 local radios all over the country. Its goal is to promote peace and civic education, preventing the promotion of violence and hatred through radio. In order to build peace and reconciliation, the project aims to create constructive radio programmes dealing with issues such as Human Rights, gender equality, participatory democracy, interreligious dialogue between Muslims (the majority religion) and Christians, civic education for the military, etc.

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