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Provincial Interreligious Table San Juan – Argentina

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  • Mesa interreligiosa Provincial San Juan - Argentina

    • Directorate for Worship and NGOs Av. Libertador Gral. San Mart�n N� 750, Civic Centre, 3rd floor
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The Provincial Interreligious Table of San Juan is dedicated to fostering, promoting, and training religious agents, leaders, NGOs, and Civil Society Organizations in the fields of interreligious and intercultural dialogue


The Interreligious Table was founded in 2000, in the same year that the Provincial Directorate of Relationships for Worships and NGOs was established. The Director who was then leading the Directorate selected Ms. Graciela Beatriz P�ez of the Baha'i community in San Juan to organize interreligious meetings and prayers. From the beginning, the Interreligious Table was also supported by the Catholic Church as well. In 2001, given the dramatic situation in Argentina, Ms. P�ez and the team managed to bring together Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews, and Baha'is for a common prayer to the vulnerable situation and the socio-economic troubles that the country was facing. The Interreligious Table's activities are autonomous and focus on education in values that help promote socioeconomic and cultural growth of the provincial community by offering their support to different jurisdictional levels of the state.