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Rabbis for Human Rights

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    • 9 HaRechavim, 93462 Jerusalem, Israel
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Inform the Israeli public about human rights violations, and pressure the State institutions to redress these injustices; and give expression to the traditional Jewish responsibility for the safety and welfare of the stranger, the different and the weak, the convert, the widow and the orphan.


Rabbis for Human Rights is the only rabbinic organisation in Israel explicitly dedicated to human rights in Israel and the Occupied Territories. The organisation was founded in 1988, and today has over 100 members-all Israelis and all ordained Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Renewal rabbis as well as some rabbinical students.

IRD Activities

  • The Interfaith Seminary Students Project

    This project was organised by RHR in collaboration with the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, this project brings together seminary students to learn about the nature and environment of the holy land. Each semester we gather Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious students to encounter one another, ask difficult questions, and find mutual ground in our shared physical context

  • The Religious Leaders Project

    This project that aims to develop an integrated network of Palestinian and Israeli religious leaders. Bringing established young religious leaders into intimate groups and challenging contexts for extended periods, this project enables the development of a deeply shared camaraderie and trust that would be difficult to attain under any other circumstances

  • "Ki Li Ha' aretz"

    This newest project is the fruit of lessons learned from our other interfaith projects. The name comes from the Torah, and refers to the underlying truth that, ultimately, this land belongs only to Hashem, to G-d. In this project, the truth was explored by opening to one another's personal connections to the land, with the aim of seeing beyond our separate and divisive attachments to it, towards a more expansive, shared mutuality.

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