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Religions for Peace Middle East and North Africa Council

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    • Interim Secretariat: 777 United Nations Plaza, 9th Floor, New York, NY, USA
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Serve as a neutral regional multi-religious convener for Syrian religious leaders as they advance multi-religious cooperation to stem sectarian violence, advance reconciliation, and assist the Syrian population on its arduous path through the current violent crisis into a transitional phase and ultimately toward a renewed political order; advance citizenship, religious freedom and the protection of minorities; achieve moral consensus on a regional level for these topics to support and augment similar necessary efforts to be undertaken on national levels; respect the centrality of the role of religion in the region, while harnessing its significant assets in the service of public life; continue in this path to advance positive change, protect religious freedom and advance a positive culture of pluralism across the MENA region.


In 1999, RfP convened its 7th World assembly in Amman – Jordan, and brought together 1000 senior religious leaders, activists, politicians, and representatives of religious communities from the MENA region and different parts of the world. The Assembly consolidated RfP's involvement and partnership with communities across the region. These partnerships proved to be highly valuable during RfP's intervention and support to peace building activities, lead by religious communities in Iraq from 2003, onwards. The RfP–MENA Council of religious leaders, scholars, and representatives of religious communities was formally launched in 2007, as another step to institutionalise multi-religious cooperation and buildup the resilience of religious communities, in the face of all odds, across the MENA region.

IRD Activities

  • RfP-MENA Interfaith Youth Network

    The RfP-MENA Council convenes young religious leaders from across MENA to bridge the gap among religious communities in the region, and to create space for dialogue and inter-action. The aim of the network is to bring together young religious activists and community leaders from different countries across the region representing the existing faith groups and religions of the region, in a manner reflecting and capturing its rich diversity. Throughout 2015 and beyond, the youth will hold training workshops, seminars, and online webinars on protection of religious minorities and active citizenship. The youth will, through these initiatives, also aim to strengthen the regional network by building national interfaith youth networks in Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria

  • Syria

    Religions for Peace and the RfP-MENA Council are deeply concerned about the situation and developments in Syria, and since early 2011 have closely worked with senior religious leaders from Syria to build on the assets of the religious communities, and advance peace and conflict resolution through multi religious cooperation and dialogue. The RfP-MENA is committed to assisting Syrian religious leaders to advance multi-religious cooperation to stem sectarian violence, advance reconciliation, and assist the Syrian population on its arduous path through the current violent crisis into a transitional phase, and ultimately towards a renewed political order. A series of meetings and consultations for Syrian religious leaders-including women and youth-has taken place under the leadership of the RfP-MENA Council

  • RfP-MENA Council Meetings

    The objective of the meetings is to bring together religious leaders from across the MENA region and to strengthen multi religious cooperation and dialogue for peace in the Middle East and North Africa region.

  • Main Focus Countries of Activities

    Vienna, Austria - Istanbul, Turkey - Lebanon - Tunisia - Morocco - Yemen - Iran - Egypt - Jordan - Syria - Larnaca, Cyprus - Cairo, Egypt - Istanbul, Turkey - Marrakech, Morocco - Vienna, Austria